16th July 2019 

Newquay 16/17th August 2003

Extreme Cricket

Fast Right Arm Over the Wicket

This sequence provides damning evidence that Mrs Hulme is a "Chucker". Lisa maintains her innocence saying that her action is similar to Shoaib Akhter himself a sufferer of hyper-tension attributed to a congenital physical idiosyncrasy. (whatever that means!)

Slow Arm Over the Wicket

Once again Mr Griffin was brought in at the end of the innings to allow the fast bowlers to rest. Although a slower pace Mr Griffin did well to maintain line and length whilst also finding the cracks on an increasingly fragile wicket

Middle Order Batting

Mark Lee seems to have benefited from a recent tour to the midlands, he has managed to cement his place in through consistent run making and the ability to settle sides when in trouble. Our wicket cam shows Mark Lee at his best, realizing that Dan Gill was not bowling at his best he chooses his shots carefully, hitting the bad balls when they come.

Highlights shown below. Click the image on the left for Jackass wicketcam!

The Evening

Phil shows his surprise at Lisa's little finger analogy.

"No Mr Bond, I expect you to DIE!"

Gigantic women seen drinking pints in Newquay!

Phil successfully works his charm on the eager Mike...

"Take me to bed or lose me forever.."

Marky's Newquay Night

Steve trys to kill us