16th July 2019 

Sam's 30th...accidentally double booked with the 12th annual James Bond look alike convention

Sam's got it or what!

Chicks packing heat !

Blissfully unaware

Pussy Galore?

Any last thoughts Mr Bond

Now Q, pay attention! Simply by waving my arms in a rotational manner, I am able to levitate this perfectly ordinary rubber ring

You can look up my nose too if you want

The secret of Q's genius thrown into sharp relief

Check that funky 60's Mauri dance

Well, punk, ahemm, I mean Mr Blofeld, what you gotta ask yourself is "Am I willing to bet my life that this gun is made of plastic?"

Of course, it should have been a pumpkin not a pineapple

Now Q, wasn't that a little rash of you to equip me with these laser eyes?

A spare tyre...on little me? Don't be ridiculous!

Sure, I'd love to help you out and tangle with this gun toting crazy chick. I'll be with you just as soon as I've finished my pint.

Mike thinks his Mauri warrior dance is far better

So you think its funny to drop sweeties down ladies dresses do you little boy?