16th July 2019 
Extreme Camping #01

Northern Report

Ignoring all severe weather warnings this weekend, we headed for a gathering of the "extreme cheese" gang, in ... south wales. Although Phil would happily have set the landrover to "high wade" mode, the cars in front (which hadn't sunk or broken down) wouldn't get out of the way, and besides our EC colleagues were looking like they might need a bail out any minute.

Still we forged (forded ?) on, changed from motorways to A roads as the M50 was submerged, but then finally as midnight approached we encountered a police road closed sign, and ran out of determination to boot.

Found refuge at a Travelodge. Not a room as they were all taken, but they let us use the annex (ie. pitch a tent on their front lawn). Made ourselves comfortable with a bottle of Jack Daniels - which we all agreed deserved the prize, for the smallest but most useful item in our kit bags.

Drove 200 miles back home in the morning - we'd got within 41 miles of our destination. Dan was extremely smug (having been the first to express caution at pressing on) as we passed lines of up to 100 cars held up trying to get past road lakes. Spent a fairly dry and pleasant weekend in the official Lake District, even if somewhat depleted in number.

Extreme Camping #02

In the Beginning....

Do we each get 33% of the space, or does Kiah get 50% (so she can stick her legs out!!!) and we get 25% each.
Extreme Camping #03

A night in the Garden

Martin and Alicia try a night in the Garden.
Extreme Camping #04

The Southern Ponces

Showing more grit than our Northern counterparts, the Southerners all made it to Wales, What would normally be a 90 minutes journey took the Griffins 6 hours, Marky took 6.5 hrs and the McInnes-Daw trio were completely oblivious as to what was going on in the inhabited part of the country.

As we can see from the breakfast scene below, the entire weekend remained somewhat damp.

Extreme Camping #05

By the time dinner came around, things had not got much better. Fortunately, the Griffin's porch proved to be enough for the entire group to huddle in. The BBQ was much required after a hard day's Extreme Welsh watching in Cardiff. Marky and Steve pontificated about the architectural merit (Moira called it something else) of the new Senate Building, and much money was spent on emergency wellies and Starbucks / Neros.

Extreme Camping #06

Hardcore Extreme Cheese

Just to rub salt in the wound, the youngest member of EC adapted easily to the extreme conditions - in his new wellies and a fireman outfit borrowed from Ben he wasted no time in grabbing a croissant, auditioning for the Black & White Minstrels whilst showing a very advanced interested in Grace.

As a result of his determination, Ed was formally inducted as a full member of EC, thereby being the youngest person ever to achieve this illustrious status. At the same time, Helen, Martin, Gracie and Ben also passed the first test and may now be exposed to the full group.

It was fun, shame the rest of the group did not make - next time!!!!

Extreme Camping #07