16th July 2019 
Extreme Running #01


Having been whittled down by injury and conveyancing, EC representation at the Dunnerdale 2007 was reduced to a team of two.

Mark Lee produced a stirling performance for a wimpy southerner, almost beating the hour, and Lisa close on his heels.

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Extreme Running #02

Its a bit like a 10k

Hot on the heels of that runaway success, the extreme camping weekend, comes the event you've all been waiting for. On November 3rd 2007, the Dunnerdale Fell Race takes place just round the corner from Phil & Lisa's. Its 6 miles long, so if you've had any 10k experience, you should be getting it in your diary now.

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Extreme Running #03

More Information

It starts and ends at a pub. What more do you want to know? Ok, well its not all on flat ground, so you'll need to get some practice in running on a slope. Also because its not all on tarmac, you'll need to consider running shoes with a good grippy sole, or lightweight trail shoes.

Training & Navigation

The route follows walking tracks, but at times these aren't very distinct, and when Lisa and Phil did this in 2006, we managed to reduce our time by an hour once we'd stopped getting lost.

For this reason we recommend a practice weekend at the Low Wood. The date of this is TBC.

Extreme Running #04

Race Weekend

The race is around 11am on Saturday 3rd November. Accomodation provided at The Low Wood. We recommend arriving the night before (not getting drunk), and having a large fry up for an early breakfast.

The recommended option is to take Thursday and Friday off work, arrive Thursday afternoon, do a moderate run up to the tarn (see piccy), then no running on Friday, so we're raring to go on Saturday.

Extreme Running #05

A sense of accomplishment

Time for honesty.. this isn't easy, and you'll be knackered at the end. It will take you between 1 hour (Mike, grrr) and 2 hours probably. But just think of the sense of accomplishment you'll feel at the end (NLP training kicking in here). Imagine that sense of having faced up to the challenge and proven yourself. Exhausted but proud.

And, everyone who finishes gets a certificate. Mike & Moira will be unable to resist !!! And possibly even an extreme cheese running medal!