16th July 2019 
Hogmanay 2007 #01

Let's cut to the action...

Steve (aka David Bannerman) got so frustrated trying to sneak his secret phrase into the dinner party conversation, that before he knew it the green genes were taking over his body.

Hogmanay 2007 #02All that raw flesh was too much for Moira.

Hogmanay 2007 #03

More champagne anyone?

Such behaviour was obviously par for the course at a Sam 'n Neil dinner party. Neil got on with the important business of trying to get to the bottom of his 9 gallon champagne bottle.

Hogmanay 2007 #04

Rex overdoes it on the bubbly

Though Sam assured us this was certainly not expected behaviour. "He drinks Perrier all the time, but he's never done this before"

Jimmy is Dead - Long live Jimmy

And as we all know, everyone looks good in the jimmy hat.
Hogmanay 2007 #05