16th July 2019 
Extreme 2005 #01

Extreme 2005

Genuine extremeties were a little thin on the ground in 2005, with the notable exception of Dan's extreme proposing to Liz in Paris,

Extreme 2005 #02which left Phil & Lisa a bit of time to do some extreme decorating. Sometimes you find the plaster is a bit loose in these older houses.

Extreme 2005 #03We dropped our favourite teaspoon down the back of the kitchen worktop, but after a bit of digging we eventually found it.

Now, if that get's your juices flowing click here for some JCB action.

Coming soon..... animated footage of Dulux one coat gloss drying in a well ventilated room.

Extreme 2005 #04

Hogmanay 2005

It was all too much for Liz